GST Registration - Online, Process, Eligibility, Fees, Process Guide

GST Registration - Online, Process, Eligibility, Fees, Process Guide

At, we are helping small business owners in getting GST Registration at low service prices and in a professional way. We have a team who will guide you on the applicability and compliances under GST for your business and get your business registered under GST.

Here we will discuss a few things related to GST. Below we have given the entire process of registration for the same.

What is GST Registration?
Who Should Register for GST?
What is the GST Registration Process?
What are the benefits of GST Registration?
What are the Documents Required for GST Registration?
What is the GST Registration Fees?
What is the Penalty for not registering under GST?

What is GST Registration?

GST Registration is the process of registering with the Ministry of Goods and Services Taxes (GST) Department. GST is an indirect tax, and one of the biggest tax reforms in India. GST Registration is mandatory for all businesses, dealers, or entities having turnover above a specified threshold limit.

Who Should Register for GST?

As per the Goods and Services GST Tax Act 2017, any business in India with a turnover of Rs.40 lakh and above must register for GST. For northeastern and hill states, the turnover threshold for GST registration is Rs.10 lakh.

In addition, the following individuals/ entities also need to apply for GST registration and acquire unique 15-digit GSTIN number:

  1. Individuals making the inter-state supply of taxable goods and services.
  2. Individuals with taxability under reverse charge.
  3. Non-resident taxable individuals.
  4. Individuals are eligible for tax deduction under section 37.
  5. Individuals supplying goods and services on behalf of any other registered taxpayer in the capacity as an agent or any other manner.
  6. Individuals acting as distributors of input service.
  7. All e-commerce business operators.
  8. Aggregators supplying services under a new brand or trade name.
  9. Any business notified by the Central or State Government as per the GST Council’s recommendations.
  10. Individual business registered under the Pre-GST law (i.e., VAT, Service Tax, Excise, Or any other State or central Tax, etc.)
  11. Businesses with turnover above the threshold limit of Rs. 40 Lakhs* (Rs. 10 Lakhs for North-Eastern States, J&K, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand)
  12. Casual taxable person / Non-Resident taxable person
  13. Agents of a supplier & Input service distributor
  14. Those paying tax under the reverse charge mechanism
  15. A person who supplies via e-commerce aggregator
  16. Every e-commerce aggregator

What is the GST Registration Process?

The Goods And Services Tax (GST) Registration services at helps you to get your small business GST registered and obtain your GSTIN. GST experts will guide you for all the process, and help you to get GST verified for your business and get your business registered under GST.

The process for GST Registration Online is simple and easy to follow.

Step 1: Visit the GST registration Page.

Step 2:Fill all the details on GST Form. Make sure you enter all the details correctly.

Step 3: Make the online payment for your GST registration Application.

Step 4: One of the registration executives will process your GST registration process application.

Step 5: In 4-6 working days you will receive your GST registration certificate or GSTIN number at your registered email address.

What are the benefits of GST Registration?

GST registration helps you in getting your business recognized as a legal registrant and eligible for doing business in India. It opens a number of opportunities for your business. Benefits to GST registered business are as follows:-

  1. Become more competitive
  2. Expand your business Online
  3. Can take an input tax credit
  4. Apply Government Tenders
  5. Open Current Bank Account
  6. Dealing with MNCs

What are the Documents Required for GST Registration?

To apply for GST registration one should get these documents: PAN of the Applicant Aadhaar card Proof of business registration or Incorporation certificate Identity and Address proof of Promoters/Director with Photographs Address proof of the place of business Bank Account statement/Cancelled cheque Digital Signature Letter of Authorization/Board Resolution for Authorized Signatory

What is the GST Registration Fees?

GST Registration is tough for new entities as it has 11 step process that involves the submission of many business details, going through various categories, and scanned documents.

You can opt for Goods And Services Tax (GST) Registration services where a GST Expert will assist you, end to end with GST Registration.

Click here to apply for GST Registration.

What is the Penalty for not registering under GST?

Let’s discuss the penalty on late GST registration or failure to take GST registration in India – Penalty for non-GST registration.

Any business or entities not paying tax to pay a penalty of 10% of the tax amount due subject to a minimum of Rs.10,000.

As per the GST Act Law, any taxable person or any business owner who fails to register under GST Goods And Services Tax Department even if he/she is legally bound as per the GST Goods and Service Tax Act needs to pay the following amount of penalty:

10,000 INR or amount of tax evaded whichever is higher.

Let us understand the penalty on late GST registration with an example:

Suppose Mr. X fails to obtain GST registration and the total tax evaded by him amounts to 30,000 INR then in this case, a 30,000 INR penalty will be applicable.

Suppose Mr. Y fails to obtain GST registration and the total tax evaded by him amounts to 8,000 INR then in this case he needs to pay 10,000 INR as a penalty.


Hire the best GST registration service provider in India, below are the reasons to choose us:

  1. Easy to apply for GST registration online & get GST Identification Number online.
  2. No hassle compliances as we completely take control of them.
  3. All your returns will be filed duly
Our GST registration private consultancy representatives are available to explain the GST process and clear any queries you may have. We at offer service related to GST, Digital Signature, ISO, MSME, FSSAI, Trademark registration, and certification in India.

It is highly recommended that you seek the help of a professional ( help for submitting the GST application, the GST required procedures, filing your returns, and completing other official formalities in the portal.

Registering for GST is now possible with an easy online process through cost-effective and top-quality services offered by, an authorized GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) with two decades of industry experience and presence across India.

The allows individuals, entities, and business owners to focus on their core business without worrying or visiting the government department for registration.

Don’t wait anymore to get all the Government benefits like MSME loan, small industry subsidy, certification concession. Apply for GST registration now!

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