About Us Have you Done your GST Registration? Acclaimed as one of the biggest tax reforms in the country, GST or goods and service tax imposed by the Centre and State is a fundamental requirement of an identified taxpayer. If you own an e-commerce business or any inter-state business and your aggregate turnover in a financial year is more than Rs.20 lakhs, you are liable to get registration under GST. Not doing so will cause heavy fines and penalties.

Registering your company under GST leaves you certain gains and benefits as well. Along with legal recognition as a supplier of goods and services, it terminates the cascading effect of taxation. Furthermore, you are provided with the legal authority to collect tax from the purchasers. Hence it is essential to register for GST in order to avoid any conflict with the government and law.

GST Registrations For Smooth Online Registration

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  • Online GST registrations can be complex if you don’t know the exact process. Accuracy is very much important in online registration processes. Gst Registrations provide you a hassle-free online procedure and get your certificate promptly.

    Frequently Asked Question FAQ on GST - Goods & Service Tax Registration

    1. What will be the effective date of registration?

    Answer: The effective date of registration varies from company to company under which you are registered in your data. It is essential that you undergo a proper procedure to get your GST registration. Once you fill the application form on our website, we will do our best to get your registration done in a very less amount of time, unlike many companies that usually fail to deliver registration on urgent notice. We aim to provide our customers with prompt services. We don’t take much time in providing your registration data.

    2. If a person is operating in different states with the same PAN number, can he operate with a single registration?

    Answer: It is essential that you have different registrations under different states if your business is acting in different areas of the country. Even if you have the same PAN number, you cannot conduct your business in different states with a single registration under GST. This is forbidden under subsection 1 section 19 of model GST law.

    3. Can a person having multiple business verticals in a state obtain different registrations?

    Answer: Subsection 2 of section 19 of model GST law states that a person having multiple business verticals in a state can apply for different registrations. This makes the registration procedure simple and helps the person to conduct business in a righteous and profitable manner. GST laws are designed in a manner to help the customer.

    4. Is possession of a Permanent Account Number (PAN) mandatory for obtaining a registration?

    Answer: The possession of a permanent account number is extremely important when you are applying for a registration of GST. It is mentioned under the income tax law that the possession of a PAN card is important in attaining a GST registration. It is one of the essential documents which are required for GST registration.

    5. Is the registration granted to any person permanent?

    Answer: The registration which is provided by the government to the individual for GST is permanent unless the individual himself or herself revokes or cancels the registration procedure. If suspension occurs, registration can be lost.

    6. Is it necessary for a Govt. organization to get registration?

    Answer: Government organizations need to get a registration that is provided through a unique ID number. Respective state tax authorities must register in the GST portal which can help them to get this registration.

    7. Is the cancellation of the Registration Certificate permissible?

    Answer: Registration can be canceled by the proper officers under certain regulations of the GST law. The officer can either cancel the registration or pass on the registration to the successor of the business owner in case the previous owner had died. Legal heirs must be looked for by the proper officer.

    8. What happens when the registration is obtained by means of wilful misstatement, fraud, or suppression of facts?

    Answer: The registration can be canceled by the action of the proper officer if the registration is obtained by wilful misstatement, fraud, or suppression of facts. Any kind of fraudulent activity will not be tolerated by the company.

    9 .Do all assessees/dealers who are already registered under existing central excise/service tax/VAT laws have to obtain fresh registration?

    Answer: No, the assessees or dealers who are already registered under the existing central excise or service tax or vat laws, will not have to obtain fresh registration. Failure to issue the GSTN number will lead to severe taxation fines. The service taxes will have a centralized registration to apply for if they want to start up their business in different parts of the country. It is important that such certificates are renewed at the earliest possible interval.

    10. Is there any facility for digital signature in the GSTN registration?

    Answer: The taxpayer would need to sign in after registering for the GSTN. The taxpayer will be provided with the digital signature facilities. Failure to provide these facilities will lead the authorities to provide other kinds of processes that can help the taxpayer authorize his or her registration.

    11. What will be the time limit for the decision on the online application?

    Answer: 3 common working days are provided as the time limit on the online application. If no deficiency is observed during the time of online registration, the application will be granted automatic without any kind of problem. It is important that these variables are looked for before providing the online application. In case the redemption is not done within the span of three working days, the application will be considered invalid.

    12. What will be the time of response by the applicant if any query is raised in the online application?

    Answer: If the authorities notice any kind of irregularity in the application procedure of the business owner, they will be informed about these errors and will be expected to reply within 3 days. A week’s time will be given to them to rectify this error. The inability to reply within the period of any of these days will cause revocation of the application and the applicant has to apply for a renewal to get the registration done. It is better that you get the registration through our website. We have responsible staff who can inform you about these details within the stipulated time.

    13. Can the registration certificate be downloaded from the GSTN portal?

    Answer: Once registration is granted by the governmental authorities, the certificate can easily be downloaded from the GSTN portal. There is no chance of your registration being revoked if you had provided the correct documents. The only step which is remaining after the registration is granted is to download it from the GSTN portal.

    Can I apply for GST Registration online?

    Yes, you can apply for GST Registration online. Follow these steps to get your GSTIN Number

  • Step1 Visit GST Registration Website
  • Step2: Fill all the details on GST Registration Form
  • Step3: Make the online payment for your GST Application Process
  • Step4: One of the GSt registration executives from the GST center will process your GST application
  • Step5: In 1 working day you will receive your GSTIN number in your registered e-mail address





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