GSTIN: What is GSTIN number?

What is GSTIN?

GSTIN which is "Goods and Services Tax Identification Number" is a unique 15 digit alphanumeric code for the identification of business registered under Goods and Services Tax.

Under VAT and Service Tax regime, TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) number and Service Tax Registration Number which were issued by the state and the central Government before however, under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime, it has been said that all the taxpayers will be registered under a single authority, that the registered Taxpayers will receive a GSTIN number which has a 15 digit format starting with two numbers together followed by a set of 10 numbers, ended with three separate ones, which will give them many benefits to carry on their businesses.

GSTIN Number Format

  1. The first two digits are the state code for example, the State code of Karnataka is 29 and the state code of west Bengal is 19.
  2. The 10 characters denote the PAN number of the taxpayer.
  3. The 13th digit is the registration number of the Taxpayer with the same PAN number. The 14th and 15th numbers can be anything.

How to get a GSTIN Certificate?

The term might be new to some people, however to tell, to get a GSTIN is as easy as it can be for which you need to follow just some basic steps, and by fulfilling it with the mandatory information it shall be done under with less time. And the Certificate of Registration can be earned under a small limit of time.

There are Government sites from where one can apply it for free of cost, however, as it’s free it takes time and sometimes many internet errors can occur which can delay the process during your hurry. Which can make you wait for longer days and can at points, fail. To which we would like to say, at a minimal cost we work for the procedure to be done in the finest ways.

All the documents you will need for the process are being listed;-

a) Photographs
b) Constitution of Taxpayer
c) Bank account details
d) Proof(s) of the place of business
e) Authorization form

GST Verification Process

The GST search, a hundred percent online module which can be verified through your smartphones easily within a few seconds.

Through GST number Search Tool, it can be done. All you have to do is you have to enter the GSTIN or GST number to be looked for in the search tab, in the correct format and click on "search and verify GST number" to find GSTIN information. It's as simple as that.

Or you can log on to the GST portal and click on the dropdown of the search Taxpayers then click on search by GSTIN/UIN and enter the GST number and the captcha shown and click on the search button.

By using the GST number checking tool also it can be done. If the number is correct the following details will be attached to the GSTIN number;-

  1. The legal name of the business
  2. State Jurisdiction
  3. Center jurisdiction
  4. Date of registration
  5. Constitution of Business
  6. Taxpayer Type
  7. GSTIN/UIN status
  8. Nature of business activities

It's simple and of course, the whole procedure is free of cost. One can easily do it through an internet connection. Especially during this computer-based generation, it can be done with ease and less time being wasted.

Why do you need GSTIN - Goods and Services Tax Identification Number?

As it will help to obtain additional benefits, A GSTIN is a new movement through which you can claim refunds. It also helps for your looking to avail a loan to fund your business to grow your business in large form and number as per your plans. For the benefit of business loan GSTIN is the only way out there with an easy procedure to make.

Also, some more advantages of having a GSTIN is:-

  1. As a supplier of goods and services, the recognition which is legal, being provided which can be good for you to attract more customers easily.
  2. Your business will grow on a higher scale as you will be able to collect input credit while buying from small businesses which you can use on your own purchases.
  3. It will widen your business as you will free from many restrictions especially for the SMEs for potential growth planning.
  4. It will ensure compliance which will broaden your business.
  5. Registration of e-commerce sites is impossible without GSTIN where you can have your own e- commerce website which can widen the scope of your business in large numbers as online businesses are growing rapidly.

GSTIN, a term seen on bills, various receipts, some of us may have seen it around and heard of it. The new term may confuse the people at first but here is a brief idea about GSTIN which will make people understand easily about its use and significance and the importance of it and how they can get it simply filling a page of information through an online procedure which is a very easy process altogether.

As of today, the world is affected by disasters that are unavoidable, which can lead the world to an internet-based future which says, why online registration is important and why everyone must know about it. It's easy, less time consuming and free of cost. It's hassle-free and one can easily apply for it from his/her very own home in a minute or two.

GSTIN is the gateway for your great business in bloom. It can secure your position in the business and you can have many advantages for your larger scaled business. Thus, you can grow and through online you can do it easily step by step. Also GSTIN allows you with an e-commerce website and many online facilities as well which will make your business grow gradually and will promise you genuine customers for long term business.

Our experts are working on a 24*7 basis for you, understanding the importance of your time, at a very affordable, reasonable cost, we help you to get a GSTIN Goods and Services Tax Identification Number as soon as possible carrying out simple methods and guaranteed success at it. For getting GSTIN Goods and Services Tax Identification Number please fill this GST registration form, make the payment for the application process, you will get your registration done with 1 working day and the GSTIN number certificate will send to your registered mail.

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