GST Registration Online

GST Registration Online

The Goods and Services Tax or GST is a tax that is indirectly collected in India in the form of consumption tax based on the supply of different goods and services. The goods and services tax is a comprehensive design of tax which can act on multistage platforms and is mostly based on the destination. The goods and services tax has covered up almost every type of indirect tax paying procedure except a few state taxes. The multidimensional structure of goods and services tax is to be acknowledged by every business owner because the GST can be charged at every juncture of the process of production.

The tax is refunded in the production procedure for every party other than the final customer of the particular goods which are produced. The term destination-based tax can be described from the point of view that it is collected from the final consumer and not from the producer of the specific goods or services. GST Registration Online can be done on the online platform according to the act passed by the parliament on 29th March in the year 2017.

GST Online Registration With Our Website

The GST is a specific indirect tax which is implemented to remove different stepwise tax procedures in India. It has been decided that the threshold limit for the companies in order to get the GST Registration Online is 40 lacs for the person who is supplying the goods and 20 lacs for the person who is supplying services. The states of the north-eastern area have the right to choose between these two threshold limits of GST - Goods and Service Tax. Once, the business owner undergoes the GST Registration Online process, a specific and unique GSTIN number is provided which can help to input the credit taxes and collect GST from the end consumer.

GST Registration Online can be done by visiting our online portal at The process of registration can be hectic if you are not an expert in the field. This is where we will nudge you to get a better option for yourself for drafting the GST Registration Online. We are a private GST consultancy who have a great number of GST Registration experts team of CA and lawyers who can guide you for all the government certification and registration process, it will be done through a very simple and prompt process. You need not worry about getting your registration done once you approach the procedure through us. You can sit back and relax and we will do the difficult work for you.

Different Types GST Registration Online

There are two main types of GST - Goods and Service Tax Registration. Both of them will be elaborated below:

  1. Registration Under Composite Scheme
  2. The entire scheme of composition is implemented for the taxpayers who have lesser means in order to simplify the tax compliance procedure for them. This particular scheme will allow taxpayers to pay a very small percentage of their entire turnover as the tax. The smaller retailers, the owners of eateries, and businessmen involved in the trading sector will benefit from this kind of scheme. This will take off the responsibilities of the taxpayers to collect taxes directly from their customers and will reduce the hassle to get a registration done. GST Registration Online of this kind adds benefit to the taxpayer.

  3. As A Casual Taxable Person
  4. A person who supplies the goods and services which add liable to taxes is known as a casual taxable person. Any event management organization will be required to register themselves as a casual taxable person to provide services in terms of goods or manpower. It can be considered that if a person is in the business of consultancy and provides advice in various states of the country, required to register himself or herself as a casual taxable person. This is done in order to align the business with the tax regulation of a particular state and the country as a whole.

Penalty Involved Under GST

There are several penalties which must be paid in case the organization which is under GST Registration Online failed to perform the following activities:
  • In case the person does not have GST Registration, a 100% tax due for 10,000 INR must be paid.
  • When the business person does not provide the GST invoice, he or she is susceptible to a 100% tax due to 10,000 INR.
  • Inaccuracy in invoicing will lead to a fine of 25,000 INR.
  • In case the business person does not file the GST returns, the fine per day is 20 INR and regular returns are 50 INR for every day.
  • If the business person chooses the composition scheme when he or she is not eligible for 8 is liable to 100% tax due for 10,000 INR.

  • Choose To Get The GST Registration Certificate.

    It must be cleared by now that GST Registration Online is very important for any kind of business. The Government of India will not recognize any organization if they are not registered under GST even after fulfilling every criterion. You must visit a proper GST consultancy website in order to get your business register under GST, Take help from GST Registration Experts, get your registration done if you are not an expert on the digital platform. Being a very important document for any kind of business procedure, the GST Registration Online must be done accurately in order to fulfill your needs.

    We have a number of advisors and consultants who can provide you with the correct path to get your registration done. Other than this week and also help you to update Renu and check for the validity of your existing license. We can provide you with every necessary aspect for your GST Registration Online. Your only duty will be to provide us with the required documents so that we can make the procedure extremely easy for you.

    GST Registration Online must be availed through the best GST consultancy like ours. With our excellent client base and very good client ratings, we can assure you that our group of consultants can answer any of your queries related to GST - Goods and Service Tax Registration Online. So, do not wait long. Hurry up and visit our website GST consultancy to get your GST registration certificate done without a speck of trouble.

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