GST Registration For Small Business

GST Registration For Small Business

In India, the concept of GST has been developed with the objective of transforming the indirect taxation system. GST or the Goods and Services Tax comes under the Goods and Service Act of 2017, which is an indirect tax levied upon the supply of goods and services. It is a multi-stage, destination-based tax that is imposed on every value addition. GST has substituted many of the indirect taxes that previously existed in India like the sales tax, service Tax, entry tax, excise duty, and customs duty. Under the biggest tax reform in India, the complex tax structure of the country is simplified, both at the state and the central level thereby enhancing the growth of the economy.

Why Is GST registration Important?

GST is the most transparent and self-policing tax regime that is easier to administer and govern. All manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services are mandated to register under GST to carry out a smooth business. The regime will make Indian products competitive in domestic as well as international markets. Failure to get a GST registration for small businesses in India leads to an imposition of a direct penalty starting from Rs. 10000. The penalty can constitute even 100% of the tax amount you owe. This new tax system holds a great promise in terms of the development of the nation.

Benefits Of GST registration For Small Business

GST has made India a unified common market. Right from the manufacturer to the customer, the comprehensive tax regime offers undeniable benefits. In a country as diverse as ours, different sectors in the economy hold different aspirations and demands. The GST catalyzes growth and promotes the holistic development of the economy by stabilizing the small businesses or the MSME sector. Due to fewer complexities, it is necessary to get the GST registration for small business:

  • A Single Common Online registration

  • Earlier businesses were required to register under different tax systems separately. With the implementation of the GST, everything is subsumed into a single regime. Even if your business is in multiple states, the process is the same which can be done with e-verification and authentication.

  • Enhance The Threshold For GST registration

  • In the case of small businesses, this makes the whole system hassle-free so that they can carry out their business smoothly. This is because once GST is implemented, businesses with an annual turnover of less than 20 lakh would not have to register for GST suggesting thousands of small businesses and start-ups would be out of the tax, rendering relief to them.

  • Composition Schemes As An Additional Benefit

  • Apart from the threshold of 20 lakhs, the GST Council provides additional support to small businesses in the form of composite schemes. The scheme allows businesses with a yearly turnover up to Rs.75 lakhs to pay a flat tax in the range of 1-5%.

  • Access To A National Market

  • In the old tax structure, industries were required to meet the needs of the state-level tax minimization by maintaining bulky distribution and logistics networks. In the new distribution, even small companies will get an opportunity to play in the larger fields. The system exposes small businesses to domestic and international markets with minimal investments.

    Get Registered With Us Today is a reliable and trustworthy platform to avail expert GST registration for small business services and other operations.

    It might be hectic for business owners to concentrate on the business and at the same time follow the online registration processes and various operations of the tax system. In such a situation you always need a helping hand. is there for you. We offer you a wide range of GST services and operations at pocket-friendly prices for the clients. If you are looking for a GST registration consultancy to assist you with the GST registration for small business and related services, is the best.

    As a goods and services manufacturer or supplier, you will be comfortable in the world of GST taxation when you register your business under GST, maintain necessary records and documents, and comply with GST legislation. You might think that this is not practical when you are running a business and dealing with its stresses. But it is possible if you have the guidance and assistance of a GST registration consultant like

    We offer online support and in-person assistance not just in registration, but in all operations regarding the GST regime when you need us. We are the one-stop solution for all your problems. is confident enough that if you are with us, you will welcome the world of GST with happiness and acceptance.

    What We Do For You

    Unlike the tax regime, the online process of GST registration for small businesses is not a simplified one. It involves many procedures including form filling, re-filling, document uploading, GST cancellation, etc. if you are ignorant in terms of online registration, the whole task can become intimidating. The GST registration consultants at have years of practical experience and broad knowledge in the realm. Facilitated with advanced technical support, helps its clients register for GST effectively.

    You don’t need to worry about the complicated and confusing steps. Just fill the GST registration form and provide the necessary documents, and you are there. We understand your business and the need to comply with the tax system. Our services also allow you to check the status of your GST certificate, its validity, and editing as well.


  • Comprehensive GST services under a single roof
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  • Being a trusted and professional firm, we maximize our services with better quality and standards so that our clients can enrich their businesses by being compliant with the laws of the Goods and Service Tax. In all our words and actions, we are committed to professionalism and sincerity and take responsibility for our actions and services. always promoted a healthy business and a lawful environment and we strive to achieve that in our services for GST registration for small business and other related services.

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