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In any tax system, the identification of a taxpayer is the fundamental requirement that ensures tax abidance in the economy. As a goods and services provider, registering any business entity under the GST law means acquiring a remarkable number that enables you to enjoy the function of collecting taxes on behalf of the government. The credit to collect tax can be claimed only when they are registered. With the new GST system, it has become necessary for the business entities to register without any errors to conduct a smooth business under the law. Learn everything you need to know about GST registration to make the process simpler for yourself below:

What Is GST Registration?

Acclaimed as one of the biggest tax reforms of the India, GST or the Goods and Services Tax is an indirect tax that has been formed to create a single taxation regime with the aim to get rid of several other indirect taxes in India such as service tax, excise duty, VAT, entry tax, and customs duty. The GST Act was introduced to minimize the complexities and compliances of doing business in India. It makes the tax collection easier and increases the efficiency of the process.

Every business whose annual aggregate turnover is over 20 lakhs in a financial year should register under GST and get GSTIN. In the North-Eastern states and the hill states which are Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Jammu and Kashmir, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand, the limit is up to 10 lakhs. If you are a supplier in multiple states you are required to register for GST separately in all the states which you have a business operation in. All businesses must have clauses concerning the eligibility and documentation to obtain a hassle-free registration process.

Why Is It Necessary To Register Under GST?

If you fail to register under GST, heavy fines and penalties are levied upon you that can go up to 100% of the tax amount you owed. Thus, it is necessary to register for GST so that you can avoid any unnecessary conflict with the law. Furthermore, registration under GST allows you to collect taxes from your customers.

Easy GST Registration With

Registering for GST is very easy now with the simple online process and the top-quality services offers. With years of industry experience and the assistance of experts, allows you to focus on your business entities without the worry of any delay or troubles of visiting a govt website. Highly advanced technological support and the guidelines of the experts has made us the number one website that offers affordable GST registration for a small business.

Registering for GST on can benefit you greatly by achieving business growth for you as we are the best GST registration consultant who lets you focus on your business. By choosing professional services like you only need to submit all the necessary documents and furnish the details and pay a minimal fee for GST registration. You can leave the rest in the safe hands of our GST experts. With us, entities can look forward to money-making deals that are ensured to be pocket-friendly.

Why GST Registration Consultant? Why not the Govt website?

GST registration can be done on the government website or any other authorized private GST consultant websites. The process itself comprises a lot of procedures which are quite new to most of you. Although there are no fees for GST registration, you will lose your precious time in the filling and refilling of the forms, complex uploading processes, etc. Any mistake in providing the details can lead to the cancellation of the registration and you have to start afresh. This makes the process draggy especially if you do not know all the terms and other things regarding the registration. That’s where the experts of can help you. Registering for GST on is worth for the following reasons:

  1. We guide you on the compliances as well as applicability under GST for your business
  2. The experienced professionals at will fill the form and do all the procedures for you
  3. Once the processes are done, the unique number of GSTIN will send directly to you without any security risks
  4. The whole GST registration process is a tedious one with multiple steps involving business details and scanned documents. Gstregistraions will assist you with the end-to-end registration process at affordable rates. You can save your time and get the registration done in 1-3 days.
  5. You can track the status of your application which will be sent to your registered mobile number and email id.

What Are The Documents Required For GST Registration?

For a successful GST registration, the following documents are mandatory

  1. Place or places of business and its address proof
  2. ID and address proof of the business owner
  3. PAN and Aadhar number of the applicant
  4. Authorized Signatory Photographs of the applicant
  5. Registered mobile number and email id
  6. Proof of business registration
  7. Valid bank account details

Benefits of GST Registration

Any reform schemes are bound to have advantages. Business entities can enjoy several privileges and advantages if they get registered under GST. Some of them are:

  1. Legal recognition as the owner and supplier of goods and services and can avail government schemes
  2. Legally authorized to collect taxes from the customers
  3. Abolish the cascading effect of tax
  4. Improves the efficiency of logistics
  5. Allows composition schemes for small businesses
  6. Under GST, the unorganized structures are regulated
  7. Lesser number of compliances

In India’s economy and tax system, GST becomes a “good and simple tax” which integrates India into one market and one tax system. The implementation of GST eliminates the black money generated from the country and ensures the security of the economic system. The chaos faced by the business owners across the nation and the whole system is revolutionized with the implementation of the GST Act. Being an important achievement for the whole country, GST is a big support to the pan-India tax regime. Realizing the significance GST has in India’s growth, a GST registration consultant like us will help you in the best way we can.

We provide quick and simple GST registration process services that helps businessman to gets GST registration GSTIN number easily for their company.

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