Fee For GST Registration

Fee For GST Registration

In a tax structure, the primary thing is the identification of a tax-paying person. If you are a goods or service provider you should get the registration done under GST to avail benefits under state and central government. Being an efficacious tax regime, GST revolutionizes the Indian economy. To know fee for GST registration go through the article.

What is GST Registration?

The Goods and Service Tax (GST) regime has successfully coalesced multiple taxes including Sales tax, Service tax, Excise tax, Entry tax, VAT, etc. levied on the supply of goods and services across the country. The complex tax structure got simplified and a uniformity came about in the indirect taxation system with the introduction of GST by the government. For any supplier or business entity having annual turnover above a specified threshold limit, registering for GST is mandatory. Incorporating the concept of “One Nation, one market, one tax” GST will boost the economy as well as the scenario of doing business in the country.

GST Rates and Fee For GST Registration

In the Goods and Services (GST) Act, which was passed in the Parliament on 29 March 2017, India adopted a dual GST model. According to this, both the State and Central government can levy a tax on goods and services. Majorly there are three types of GST implementation in the country:

  1. SGST imposed by the State government of India

  2. CGST imposed by Central Government of India

  3. IGST imposed by State and Central government but collected by the Central government

Under the tax regime, the tax will be levied at every point of sale. CGST and SGST will be levied on intrastate sales and IGST will apply on inter-state sales. The products and services under the GST tax regime are categorized into four tax slabs: 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%. While the GST rates for essential foods are very low, some goods and services are not subjected to the GST rates. The reason to do this is to keep the widespread inflation under scrutiny. However, in order to maintain the revenue neutrality for State and Central government, luxury goods and negative items are taxed under high rates.

Businesses with an annual sales turnover above 20 lakhs are obliged to register under GST. It is also mandatory for certain categories despite the turnover. For instance, e-commerce, input service distributor, agents supplying on behalf of a taxable person. Even though you are not mandated to get GST registration done, it is advised to do so on a voluntary basis as they can achieve legal recognition as a supplier of goods and services.

Fee For GST Registration

GST registration with authorized professionals like gstregistrations.org is an easy no-hassle process where the applicants only need to provide the necessary details and documents. All the individuals and business entities registering for GST under a professional expert are required to pay a fee for the services they are attaining. Although the government does not charge any fee for GST registration under the GST regime, the process would be time-consuming and intricate. By choosing gstregistrations.org as a professional service, you can concentrate on the core business and look forward to profitable deals that are ensured to be pocket-friendly. You just have to pay a minimal service fee for GST registration with us.

The penalty of Not Doing GST Registration

GST Registration is a must-do for all the goods and service manufacturers and suppliers who are qualified under the eligibility criteria. You will be able to avail of the benefits of government schemes and legal advantage only if you are registered under GST. Also, the GST certificate lets you collect tax from the customers on behalf of the government. If you fail to comply with the law and register under GST, you will be imposed with heavy penalties in which the minimum would be Rs.10000. The amount can exceed up to 100% of the tax amount due. Hence it is important to abide by the law and so register under GST. To save yourself from these penalties, you can take the help of our professional consultants by just paying a small fee for GST registration.

How We Can Help You Get a GST registration certificate?

Gstregistrations.org is India’s largest online service provider platform committed to helping people in registering their business under GST at affordable prices. If you are not very familiar with the online process of GST registration or the terms associated with it, the process can turn into a tedious and time-consuming task. Taking help from a professional expert who is well versed in the process can help to register easily and efficiently. We are a group of experts who have comprehensive knowledge in the arena and specialized in the registration process.

With us, you will get all the services required for registering your business under GST. Just give us the required details and we will do the process for you. Once the registration is over, we will provide you the GST certificate within 2-3 days. To make your business process smoother and to receive the benefits provided to GST certified, you can contact us at gstregistrations.org and pay a minimal fee for GST registration.

Challenges faced on registering through the GST official Government website

Yes, you can register GST on the government website for free. There is no fee for GST registration. But we allow you to focus on your business and growth while we will do the registration process for you. Even a small fault in the from can cause a lot of consequences. Don’t waste your precious time with the government website when we are here to help you with pocket-friendly fees for GST registration. No need to take headaches of filling and refilling the forms, complex documentation, and long wait for the certificate.

Even if you are already registered under GST, you can still check your registration at gstregistrations.org that whether it needs correction or editing, when can you receive the GST certificate or the validity of your certificate. So, sit and relax as the complicated process is transformed into the easiest one with gstregistration.org.

Our Process and Fee for GST Registration

The whole GST registration process becomes less time consuming and affordable at registrations.org. We are the most reliable and trustworthy platform for GST registration with a huge client base who are extremely satisfied with our services. You only need to fill the form by giving the relevant details. The rest is safe in the hands of our experts. We will register and send you the certificate personally. You just have to pay a minimal fee for GST registration. At our platform, the customers are offered high-efficiency services that are guaranteed with 100% security. Contact us to get your registration done or for any sort of assistance or support with GST registration and certificate.

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